This page has links to a number of site resources that I’m developing, or have developed.

BMLT LogoSwiftwater

This is an ongoing series, where I do a “deep dive” into various topics in the Swift Programming Language.

BMLT LogoThe Streaming Chronicles

This is an ongoing series, where I walk through designing and building a simple, open-source streaming video converter for the Mac.

BMLT LogoCase Study: The BMLT

This is the story behind the design and specification of the BMLT.

Road LogoThe Road Most Traveled By

This is a screed about staying “in the middle of the road,” when it comes to usability.

Concrete Galoshes LogoConcrete Galoshes

This is about the importance of using varying degrees of structure in project management.

Forensic Design Doc LogoForensic Design

This is a post describing my personal design and development process.

Infrastructure LogoInfrastructure

This is a post I put out several years ago, about the importance of infrastructure.
It’s pretty pedantic, but a fun (and light) read.

Stylist LogoStylist

This is a series on CSS-Based Web Design I originally wrote in 2010.
It’s still completely relevant, and an excellent teaching aid.