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Part One -You Can Skip All This, If You Want

This entry is part 4 of 24 in the series Writing an SDK With Core Bluetooth

At this point, I will take a few entries to run through the basic design and setup of our Core Bluetooth lesson.

I’ll discuss the application example that we’ll use (a “Magic 8-Ball” app), and the general design of the sample apps that I’ll provide.

The Sample Apps

The lesson will include four pre-written sample apps. These will all provide exactly the same functionality, and will work on each of our target platforms:

  • iOS (iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch)
  • TVOS (AppleTV)
  • MacOS (Mac Computers)
  • WatchOS (Apple Watch)

The idea is that we will run the app on one or more devices, in addition to the development Mac, and the Bluetooth communication will flow between the Mac and the other device[s].

These apps will act as test harnesses, as well as demonstrations of the SDK.

The exercises that we do will be in the actual SDK, which will be shared amongst all the platforms.

The apps, themselves, will be complete from the start. No changes to the apps will be made during this lesson.

A goal of this lesson is to demonstrate that we can write a single SDK that will provide Bluetooth functionality to all Apple platforms.

If you want to skip directly to the Core Bluetooth stuff, then follow this link.

If you want to walk through the SDK and app (test harnesses, really) planning, then follow this link.