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Implementing Swift Package Manager –Conclusion

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Whew! That Was A Handful, Eh?

Even though it may seem that this was a comprehensive treatment of the Swift Package Manager, it was really just a fairly basic introduction.

The examples were shallow and linear, and we didn’t even get into writing executable code in the package manifest files.

But we did learn enough to make the Swift Package Manager a useful and productive tool for our development work.

Let’s review where we went:

This was by no means, a complete course on the Swift Package Manager, but it should allow us to move forward with integrating into our workflow as a powerful, intuitive and safe way to mage our dependencies.

Further Reading

Frankly, there’s not a lot of exhaustive resources out there. The SPM was a “server-only” toolkit for many years, so it’s just starting to see a lot of use with its Xcode integration.

Expect to see a great many high-quality, up-to-date explorations of it, soon.

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