Open-Source Projects:

This is a large-scale, Web-based platform/framework/API that combines a centralized database with various client presentations.

The BMLT is used daily by tens of thousands of users, and has been localized in several languages.

Follow this link to the main Web site for the project.

The BMLT is 100% open-source; so links to the code repositories associated with the projects mentioned on this page will be provided.


Most of the app code is GPLv3, but the BMLTiOSLib is MIT, as it is understood that it may be used in commercial projects.


These are a couple of apps that connect to centralized BMLT “Root” servers, and provide a search interface. There is also an administration app.

This is a “Very Quick Meeting Finder” app that was designed to be a “no brainer.” It leverages the BMLTiOSLib and a BMLT spinoff project, called “Sandwich” to provide the ability to search all over the world; wherever the BMLT is deployed.
You can see the BMLT coverage area here. This app will work anywhere within that coverage area.
This is the source code repo for the app. Note that the default branch is the Master Branch, and may contain code for unreleased versions (Release versions are tagged).
This is a comprehensive meeting search app, using the BMLTiOSLib and the worldwide Sandwich server. It is destined to eventually replace all of the below search apps.
This is the source code repo for this project.
This is an app that was designed specifically for authorized Administrators of BMLT servers. It also utilizes the BMLTiOSLib.
The BMLT allows Server admins to create Administrator accounts; specifically authorized to manage certain portions of the server database.
This app allows these administrators to use their iPhones or iPads to manage their meetings.
This is the source code repo for the app. As above, the default branch is the Master Branch.


Although not an Apple App Store project, the BMLTiOSLib is a general-purpose SDK for iOS apps. It is used in the above apps.
This is a set of pages that provide a detailed description of the library, and guidance in its application.
This is the BMLTiOSLib CocoaPod Page, which has links to the source code repo for the app. As above, the default branch is the Master Branch, but it matters less with this project, which doesn’t see too many changes, and doesn’t require an Apple approval process for releases.

Other Links:

These are a few links to collections of apps and repos, discussed above.