NACC (The NA Cleantime Calculator App)


The NACC is an iOS/iPadOS-only app, designed specifically for NA members (but is, in no way, associated with NA World Services, Inc., or the NA Fellowship. It is an app for members, by members).

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Cleantime isn’t always the most relevant metric to Recovery, but it’s measurable, and, as this app shows, has bling!

Enter Your Cleandate, and Let the Magic Happen

Upon starting the app, you are presented with a fairly basic screen, consisting of a set of “date wheels,” a simple text summary, and a couple of images. One image will not appear, until after you set a date:

Figure 1: With No Date Entered
Figure 2: With Less Than A Year Entered
Figure 3: With More Than A Year Entered

Once a valid date has been entered (any date between October 5, 1953, and today, is valid), a simple text report will describe some basic statistics, and an image will appear under the report.

Keytags vs. Medallions

The images that appear under the report reflect the keytags that are generally awarded at NA meetings (for less than a year), or brass medallions (for a year or more).

But Wait! There’s More!

If you tap on the app logo at the top, the report text (notice that it turned blue, after the date was set), or the bottom keytag/medallion image, you will be taken to another tabbed page, that has three different presentations:

Figure 4: The Keytag Array
Figure 5: The Keytag Strip (Chain)
Figure 6: An Array of Medallions

If less than a year has passed since the cleandate, only the Keytag Array and Keytag Strip tabs will be available (Medallions will be disabled).

These are the keytags and medallions that you would have earned, since the cleandate.

The Keytag Array Tab

This displays the keytags, in horizontal rows, laid out as an array.

The Keytag Strip Tab

This displays the keytags, arranged in the traditional “chain,” favored by many NA members. As each new tag is awarded, it is added to the end of the chain (You can scroll down, to see them all).

The Medallions Tab

If more than a year has passed, the Medallions Tab will enable, and selecting that will display all earned medallions (Roman-numbered), in an array.

Pinch To Zoom

You can scroll around, and zoom into the images, to get up close and personal.

Figure 7: Zoomed Into the Keytag Array
Figure 8: Zoomed Into the Medallions

Pretty cool, huh?

But Wait! There’s Even More!

You can print or share any of the screens. You do this by selecting the “action button,” at the top of the screen (left for the main screen, and right for each of the display screens):

Figure 9: On the Main Screen
Figure 10: On the Display Tab Screens

This brings up the “action screen” (Figures 11-14):

Figure 11: Main Screen
Figure 12: Expanded
Figure 13: Display Tab Screen
Figure 14: Expanded


You can use this screen to share your cleantime, via Messages, or email. In each case, the report and the image, as well as a special link (more on that, in just a bit), will be shared.

Figure 15: Sharing As A message (Main Screen)
Figure 16: Sharing As An Email (Medallions Tab)


If you select the “Print” choice, you will be presented with print previews that have the report, as text on the top, and an image, below the report, as supplied by the screen:

Figure 17: Printing From the Main Screen
Figure 18: Printing From the Keytag Array Tab
Figure 19: Printing From the Keytag Strip Tab
Figure 20: Printing From the Medallions Tab

About That “Special Link”

You may have noticed an odd link (URL), in the shared Message or email text, above:

Figure 21: The URL In A Message
Figure 22: The URL In An Email

What that link does, is allow the recipient of that message or email, to open up NACC (assuming they also have the app installed), and it will contain the date that you share. They can then print or share the date, but, more importantly…

Creating Calendar Reminders

In the Main Screen, you may have noticed another button, at the top, left of the screen, looking suspiciously like a calendar (Figure 24). If you select this, you may be asked for permission to access your calendar. If you say yes, then you will be presented with a screen that has a yearly repeating event entered, starting at the cleandate. You should change the title to reflect the event (i.e. “Uncle Bob’s Anniversary (1980)”), and add the event. It will then be available in your calendar, and will remind you each year.

Figure 23: The Calendar Button
Figure 24: The Permission Request
Figure 25: The Event Entry Screen
Figure 26: An Edited Anniversary

Propeller Beanie Stuff: The URL Scheme

This will probably only be of interest to people writing iOS apps, or Web sites that they want to have open the NACC app.

If you write a link (URL) in the following format, and someone that has the NACC installed on their phone sees that link, it can open the NACC app, with a date, and, possibly, a tab open.

The app can be opened from other apps (like Safari or Mail), using a special URL scheme.

The URL scheme is thus:


YYYY-MM-DD is a standard ISO 8601 calendar date (For example, September first, 1980, is 1980-09-01).

The earliest date is October 5, 1953 (1953-10-05)

N is the numerical index of a tab:

  • 0 is Keytag Array
  • 1 is Keytag Strip
  • 2 is Medallions
Figure 27: Example URL Entry In Safari
Figure 28: Permission Alert

Example URLs (Will only work on an iOS device with NACC installed)

  • nacc://
    This opens the app, but does nothing else. You will be at the initial page, set to whatever the last date was.
  • nacc://1980-09-01
    This opens the app, and sets the cleantime to September 1st, 1980. It will open the commemoration tab screen, at whatever the last selected tab was.
  • nacc://2020-03-17/0
    This opens the app, and sets the cleantime to March 17th, 2020. It will open the commemoration tab screen, to the Keytag Array tab.
  • nacc://2020-03-17/1
    This opens the app, and sets the cleantime to March 17th, 2020. It will open the commemoration tab screen, to the Vertical Keytag Strip tab.
  • nacc://2020-03-17/2
    This opens the app, and sets the cleantime to March 17th, 2020. It will open the commemoration tab screen, to the Medallions tab.

Saving Images

You can also use the Action Button to save images into your Photo Library. If you choose the “Save Image” choice, you may be asked for permission to save the image, and, if you say yes, the image will be saved into your Photo Library.

Figure 29: The Main Screen Image
Figure 30: The Keytag Array Tab Image
Figure 31: The Keytag Strip Tab Image
Figure 32: The Medallions Tab Image


The NACC is a great deal of fun. We sincerely hope that you enjoy the app, and share it with your support group.

And seriously, many congratulations on achieving all the milestones!

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